Florida Institute on Community and Disability


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The Mission of the Florida Institute on Community and Disabilities, Inc. (FICD) is to improve the quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities through community inclusion.



Individuals with developmental disabilities have historically been, and continue to be, the most under represented and discriminated against group of people in the world.


FICD is offering its not-for-profit organization to the community for the purpose of including individuals with developmental disabilities in our communities. Education and training opportunities are needed for community inclusion, quality of life, and leadership development.


FICD is service motivated to encourage volunteer leaders to lead. You might want to start a social group, camp, cooking classes, or after-school program, or you might want to create educational materials or provide specific trainings. You cannot receive a salary and neither can anyone with FICD. All funds raise would go directly into your specific program and dispersed according to nonprofit guidelines.


If you have an idea or vision and you want to take the lead, we want to help you with your goal. As a not-for-profit, we can offer you organizational credibility in the community for your donations, fundraising, and grant writing needs. We would encourage you to become a Board member.


Individuals with developmental disabilities deserve to be a part of the community around them. Many need help and the community needs help in realizing they want to be included. Let’s make it happen!


Please contact me and let’s work together.




Ann Millan

Executive Director FICD